10 Top Web Design Tips For Any Market

As the old saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”, especially with regards to web design. While technology, programming, hardware, software, and graphic techniques may change, good design does not. Think I’m wrong? Well, companies like Google and Apple happen to agree! With that said, here are my 10 top web design tips I recommend, now and always:

#1. Design With Faster Load Times in Mind:
There is nothing worse than web pages and blogs that hang when you try to load them. While newer technology helps to reduce and relieve some of these issues, it really boils down to the web designer and how they manage their graphics and content.

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Mt. Si Coffee Roasters Re-design

As a designer, developer and business consultant, there is no greater thrill than the re-design of a site you originally created. It gives the artist a chance to not only re-create an image or concept, it allows he/she the ability to perfect the new work and to bring new excitement to the business model you have already come to know.

One of my favorite projects has been working on Mt. Si Coffee Roasters, located in Washington. Company owner, Greg Abajain, created a dream and made it a reality. He is an inspiration to business owners because he has managed to grow this thriving business during a difficult economy, which is no easy task! Make sure to visit Mt. Si Coffee Roasters at http://mtsi.co or http://mtsicoffeeroasters.com. Whatever you do, make sure to try their magnificent coffee, simply the best around!

Singer Songwriter Deniece Williams

Singer, songwriter and Grammy Award winner Deniece Williams is famous for her hit song “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” from the original Footloose movie soundtrack. She performed with Stevie Wonder in the 1970s before branching out on her own. Denice has been a client since 2011. In a remarkably short time, my team and I built and branded her website and created a very successful marketing campaign drawing many thousands of web viewers eager to find out what Ms. Williams is doing today. Her site continues to get positive attention and is expanding and growing. You can visit her site at http://deniecewilliams.com

When Hiring a Business Consultant

So  you’re considering hiring a business consultant.  You’ve been thinking about it…. a lot.  Deep down, you know your business has some issues, quite possibly, serious ones.  Perhaps you’ve had the stark realization you may not be able to address these issues alone. But you’ve been asking yourself if you can afford to hire the help.  The question is, can you afford not to?

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Caffe D’Amore

A leading manufacturer of food and beverage products and long-term client has been Caffe D’Amore, Inc. My team and I have  performed extensive work for them over the years, which includes web design, e- commerce creation and management, online marketing and promotion, pay-per-click campaigns and more.

As products, supply and demand, and technology are always changing, websites must also change regularly. It’s always fun to be a part of new updates! You can view their current website at http://www.caffedamore.com.