Andrew “Andy”  Lambros is a web and graphic designer, developer, marketing expert and business consultant. He is the Co-founder and President of the Dream Builders Company, located just outside of Los Angeles, in Southern California.  Andy has been in the technology and multimedia fields for nearly twenty years, and has worked on countless websites and technology projects throughout his career .  Andy is known for his appearances in television shows and commercials…

Andy has a strong background in the entertainment, wholesale (import/ export) and retail industries. He has taught classes, given lectures and conducted workshops on business, technology, advertising, management and various related topics. In addition to his vast hands-on technology experience, Andy has consulted individuals, entrepreneurs and companies of all kinds on business strategies, planning, practices, and more.

He recently co-authored a 234-page e-book with his business partner and wife Dawn Lambros, entitled, “50 Great Money-Making Ideas For Any Economy.”  The book has been extremely popular among career coaches, counselors and entrepreneurs of all kinds.  It can be found on the website and also on

Acting Career:

Andy was a famous child actor, known for his appearances in television shows, film and commercials. He is most famously known as the “little fisherman” in the famous 1970s Oscar Mayer bologna commercial, sitting on a pier, singing the praises of b-o-l-o-g-n-a. The commercial has received critical acclaim and awards, and contributed to quantum changes in the world of advertising, marketing and promotion we see today. The experience behind shooting the Oscar Mayer commercial contributed to Andy’s entrepreneurial spirit very early on in his life.  Want to know more? Watch this wonderful video of an interview of the late Mr. Jerry Ringlien, who was the Vice President of Marketing for Oscar Mayer for many years.  His selection of Andy as the spokesperson for the Oscar Mayer commercial brand, back in 1974, was life-changing for everyone involved. We think you will thoroughly enjoy this video!